What is the Scarsdale diet?

There are numerous options for to lose weight in Little time . Some regimens are too restrictive and promise to reduce between three and four kilos in a week, as the Scarsdale diet what's wrong with it advantage Y disadvantages .


Scarsdale facilitates the loss of up to seven kilos in two weeks. Incorporates in the diet a variety of nutritious foods, although it limits the consumption of carbohydrates ", it states Monica Esguerra author of The good, the bad and the ugly of the 15 most famous diets.


What is diet Scarsdale ?

This regime, designed by the cardiologist Herman Tarnower , is based on a diet that contributes 43% of proteins , 23% of carbohydrates and 34% of fats . Restrict 1,200 calories daily The duration is 14 days, enough time to reduce between three and four kilos a week.

Specialists recommend that by following a plan lost of weight it is important to be realistic and eliminate only the extra kilos. This helps to not suffer a decompensation , avoid the effect rebound and take a balanced diet, with the necessary nutrients.

One of its disadvantages is that it lose weight in a short time without any guarantee of recovering it again, since there is a risk of to return to bad habits food.

According to the Spanish Association of Dieticians-Nutritionists (AEDN) , there is subsistence allowance rich in proteins and with low carbohydrate or fat content, which lack scientific rigor.


In the long run they are dangerous and they do not manage to change bad habits, but accent the mistakes ", Adds the Association .

It is war points out one of the great advantages is that they lose several kilos a week. By the restriction of nutrients as iron, vitamins and minerals could be to lose mostly muscle , Water and not necessarily grease .

Likewise, when consumption of energy is drastically restricted calories Can occur ketosis whose symptoms are bad breath , intense smell in the urine, nausea, dizziness and Headaches , low pressure until Arrhythmias .

Although, I gave it Scarsdale promises lose weight very quickly, it can trigger problems of decompensation physical or the so-called effect rebound . Remember, there is no subsistence allowance magical for lose weight .

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