What exactly does that mean of

It is not a secret that diet and exercise are two fundamental pieces when you try to lose weight. But a detox diet, in which you can eat and do not have to count calories, is the key to losing weight, says Jacynthe René , author of "Live and eat Detox for gourmets" .


What exactly does that mean of "detox for gourmets"?

Is it different from the detox fever that invades the media and advocates for juice-based diets to purify excesses?


The essential difference is that my philosophy of life requires eating. In fact, in my seminars we eat a lot, we even drink chocolate desserts every day, and I can assure you that nobody gains weight, "explains Jacynthe René.

The expert says that many women do not get on the weighing machine during their seminars because they fear having fattened . However the big surprise is that when they do, most realize that they have slimmed down .

In "Living and Eating Detox for Gourmets," Jacynthe cites as some of the benefits of detox daily (not circumstantial) the weightloss natural, the decrease of the index of bad fat, a magnificent skin or the improvement of digestive problems.

Everything indicates that Jacynthe coincides with Edzard Ernst , professor of medicine of the University of Exeter , which ensures that the detox What everyone is talking about is "a word used by entrepreneurs who sell empty treatments that promise to detoxify toxins that our body has acquired. "


Are the detox diets that are followed for a week, then, unusable?

The secret is in the wellness . Detoxify in a week is simply impossible. You can not change the feeding from one day to the next, says the expert. And he recommends doing it progressively.

For example, a good idea is to start eating a green smoothie, in your book, your recipe includes a banana, two handfuls of spinach, almond milk and a teaspoon of powdered chlorella.


This way you will have more energy and you will need less food throughout the day. It is important not to impose things on you: life is too short and you have to associate happiness with something sustainable, "explains Jacynthe.


Can this diet be introduced into a lifestyle with little time?


The lifestyle detox It is fully compatible with a busy social agenda. I eat like this at home, but then I go to eat at my friends' house or at restaurants. You do not have to live obsessed with food, but you have to keep in mind that you have to look for healthy foods, "says René.

In summary, the proposal of Jacynthe René is that you begin to change your eating habits for those that are healthier little by little. Losing weight successfully has to do more with constant effort than with miraculous events.

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