The consequences of a bad decision

The addictions can cause serious and irreversible damage, such as disabilities , that affect life forever. According to experts, curiosity, bad friendships, job pressure, low self-esteem and, in short, to make a bad decision, favor the use of drugs.

"All drugs cause disability , some are more visible than others, but all drugs affect, says in an interview psychologist Ana María González, from the Youth Integration Centers (CIJ).

For example, him alcohol causes severe liver damage; the tobacco provoke Cancer ; marijuana alters coordination, causes panic attacks and schizophrenia; cocaine produces neurological disorders, psychosis and infertility, methamphetamines cause brain and cardiovascular injuries in just one year of consumption, and inhalants can cause kidney failure and sudden death, explains the specialist.

Although some disabilities they are congenital, most are acquired and, therefore, preventable, among them those caused by vehicular accidents and drug use.

The substances that generate more disabilities are the alcohol and the tobacco . It is estimated that 10% of those who drink excessively can develop disability .

If in the country there are approximately eight million Mexicans with this pattern of consumption, there are between 800 thousand and one million people disabled as a result of alcoholism .

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that by the year 2020, the tobacco will be the main cause of death and disabilities .

To avoid all these damages we recommend you to say "Do not" When they invite you to consume a drug, it is enough to try to regret the consequences. Take your free time in fun activities but without risking your life, remember that you can have fun without having to consume; choose your friends well.

Take into account that drugs are not the solution to your problems, you must accept yourself as you are and try to be better every day. To know more information:

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