Sudden bleeding

One of the main concerns for us women when we are pregnant is to suffer spontaneous abortion .

The problem is how to identify it and at what time it is considered a pregnancy with risk of threat of abortion .

A abortion is the loss of fetus for causes not caused.

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According to a study conducted by University of Aarhus , Denmark, one of the main causes of spontaneous abortion It's the cigar. The components of the cigar directly affect the fetus and this causes a spontaneous abortion .

Some signs that you may have a miscarriage are:


Sudden bleeding

When the woman suffers from sudden bleeding, it is a sign that a spontaneous abortion .

Some women confuse them with a spotting during the pregnancy , which is normal. But when it comes to bleeding as such, it is urgent to consult the treating doctor immediately.


About 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion, most of them occur before 12 weeks.


Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain does not refer to a colic itself, it refers to feeling persistent pain in the belly.

Pain is a sign that something is not right.

Abdominal pain during the pregnancy They can be normal from time to time, however when the pain is more intense it is important to take care of it.


Fever or bad sitting

Fever is one of the signs that you may have a miscarriage .

When fever manifests, it is a sign that there is an infection. Fever is usually accompanied by chills and poor body in general.

In some cases the symptoms are accompanied by vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.


Absence of pregnancy symptoms

When the symptoms of pregnancy stop manifesting can be a sign that you can have a spontaneous abortion .

At the moment when the symptoms stop showing for more than 24 hours it is necessary to contact the specialist.

By means of an ultrasound or a blood test it can be detected whether the pregnancy is going well or not.

With an ultrasound or ultrasound it is detected if the embryo has activity.

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