Smoking causes bowel cancer

Women who have the habit of smoking have a higher risk of bowel cancer, compared to men who smoke, according to a study published in the scientific journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

People who smoke for a long time are more likely to suffer and die from bowel and / or colorectal cancer than people who do not smoke.

It is known that smoking causes lung cancer, but some of the carcinogenic substances found in smoke dissolve in saliva, and if swallowed, can cause cancers of the digestive system, such as bowel cancer.

In this study, Norwegian scientists reviewed the medical histories of 600 thousand patients, and found that the link between smoking and bowel cancer was double in women compared to men.

In fact, women who smoke have a 19% higher risk of bowel cancer, compared to non-smokers; while in the case of men, this habit increases the possibilities by 9%.

Although the bad habit of smoking is not the only one that affects the appearance of bowel and colorectal cancer, it is important to stop or prevent its consumption so that it does not detonate in any type of cancer.

Similarly, attention should be paid to the type of diet followed and the consumption of alcohol, which are also risk factors for developing bowel cancer.