Slim your face with healthy habits

Lose your face It is the goal of many people. It is not easy because they are not widely spread exercises to tone the face, much less to do it easily and at home, so you always look for how lose weight in different ways.

The face It is made up of many muscles , of which, not all can work out voluntarily. Therefore, we tell you how thin your face with some general advice:

1. Follow one diet balanced that fits your preferences and needs.

2. Do not include cookies, pasta or carbohydrates in excess in your meals.

3. Vegetables, vegetables and fruits is the diet ideal for you face . Especially fresh fruits rich in antioxidants .

4. Three times a day (when you get up, at noon and at night) massage yourself face energetically with water and soap ; later, apply a non-nutritive cream in those parts you want slim down , trying to favor the circulation .

5. Do half an hour of exercise daily that includes moving the muscles of the face . For example, running or jumping, noticing that those areas of the face what you wish slim down , like the cheeks or the jowls.

6. Keep clean the face all day and wet it with very cold water . Activate the circulation whenever you can. Dry yourself hard face trying to stimulate as much as possible circulation .

7. Baby Water , chew slowly and well.

8. Try to make soft massages whenever you can and remember.

9. Be patient and be constant.

Another recommendation is that you approach the specialists in facial gymnastics to help you learn these techniques and you can apply them at home.

The facial gymnastics has many benefits, such as the fading of expression lines , higher flexibility Y firmness to skin . Go ahead and try!

Video Medicine: 6 Simple Ways to Slim Down Your Face! Give them a Try! Natural Facial Slimming Tips (May 2021).