Chavela Vargas loses his life due to complications of bronchopneumonia

Singer Chavela Vargas , aged 93, died this Sunday, August 5, as a result of various complications he suffered from a few days ago due to his bronchopneumonia .

According to hospital sources, the artist was hospitalized on Monday July 30 for "fatigue derived from her age" and was accompanied by two family members.

The Mexican singer of Costa Rican origin returned last week to her home in Tepoztlán, Morelos, after a trip to Spain where she stayed for a week hospitalized because of a tachycardia , as it is announced in the following video:

She was admitted until July 21 and from that day she rested in the Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid "closely watched" by her nurses. The doctors maintain the necessary care to cure the bronchopneumonia of the artist. If you want to know more information visit


What is bronchopneumonia?

The bronchopneumonia is an injury that appears as a complication of disease , as in the case of Chavela Vargas, who suffers from this condition as a result of a tachycardia .

According to the US Institutes of Health, bronchopneumonia has no evolutionary phases and is produced by a microorganism. It usually causes inflammation in the lungs and bronchi, flu, fever, increased respiratory rate, palpitations, intense cough and fatigue.

Treatments to reduce symptoms and eliminate bronchopneumonia are: oxygen therapy , respiratory processes, the injection of fluids and antibiotics. Rest in peace!

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Video Medicine: Chavela (February 2024).