What is Hunter syndrome?

What is wrong with him, what does he have? It is a question that every father or human being would never wish to realize; However, it is a question that thousands live when they discover a condition little known by medicine, for example, the Hunter syndrome.

The Hunter syndrome It is a recessive disease, linked to the X chromosome. It is caused by the absence or lack of an enzyme that degrades lysosomes. This condition is hereditary and usually affects joints, heart valves, airways, liver and brain.

According to the newspaper the Informer, at Latin American Congress of Lysosomal Diseases , it was indicated that the annual treatment for Hunter syndrome can amount to 375 thousand dollars.

Considered a rare disease, this syndrome only affects a small percentage of the world population and its early detection is vital to slow down its effects on the nervous system and organs.

Some symptoms of Hunter syndrome that could indicate that your child suffers or that you should go to a specialist are the following:

1. Mental deterioration.

2. Aggressive behavior.

3. Hyperactivity.

4. Coarse facial features.

5. Rigidity of the joints.

6. Repeated otologic infections.

7. Enlargement of internal organs such as the liver and spleen.

The hunter syndrome it is a mucopolysaccharidosis modality, of which there are seven different types. All of them with genetic and degenerative pathologies, which develop from birth and deteriorate the body until it dies, usually during puberty in the most severe cases. They occur in one in every 100 thousand children and does not affect girls.

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