Resveratrol, source of eternal youth?

The aging process it starts from the moment we are born; however, its effects occur and occur over the years: cardiovascular diseases, wrinkles, spots, fatigue to the decrease of sexual desire.

Although it is in our nature to fulfill a life cycle: birth and death, there are alternatives that can slow down the degenerative process of cells; example, resveratrol.

A study conducted by the specialist Juan Carlos Espín , member of the Superior Council of Scientific Research in Spain , points out that resveratrol, in concentrated doses, can control the aging process. Through the activation of genes of longevity, this active provides the body, especially the skin, elasticity, smoothness, in addition to increasing skin nutrition.

In clinical trials it has been shown that resveratrol can reduce wrinkles by 69% and give the skin a hydration of 79.5%. This type of polyphenols is present in the grape skin and in other foods such as peanuts and blackberries; but, currently, it can be found in a nutritional supplement called Revidox , which is brought to Mexico by the Andrómaco Pharmaceutical Industry.

For the doctor Francisco Pérez Atamoros , President of Mexican Society of Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology, not only include a dose of resveratrol can delay the paging process , it is necessary that people reduce the consumption of white enemies: flour, sugar and salt. In addition, foods such as salmon, avocado and olive oil should be included in the daily diet.

The diet-exercise combination can slow down almost 70% on aging process , percentage that is produced by bad habits.

The human body is constituted by approximately 75 trillion cells of different types, which are in a constant regeneration.

Resveratrol offers an alternative to have a higher quality life, but it is not the cure of diseases, only the change of habits can help prevent them. Take care of yourself and enjoy life.

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