Mood detonator mood

While it is true that Energy of each person influences their quality of life, now it is shown that the cheer up of a nation has its own energy levels that influence the sufferings of each country.

According to the psychic Harold Moskovitz, Mexico has the red aura , which is the reflection of a lot of frustration, anger and sadness : "This is reflected in its inhabitants with Heart diseases Y diabetes ", Indicates Moskovitz.

However, the psychic says that insecurity can be transformed: "We are going through a revolution, not armed, but a civil revolution that tries to change the conscience of the people. The Mayan prophecies tell us that we are entering a state of fourth dimension, where we seek full love. That is why, through different natural events, the world is throwing away all that negativity. "

The psychologist also indicates that this mood of anger, suffering, fear and frustration, will be reflected in epidemics such as tuberculosis and yellow fever that will resurface:

"We must prepare and change our mentality starting from within, taking out the bad vibes and letting in that Golden light that will give us peace and happiness. The human being is Energy vital and in a certain way we are what we think ".

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