Gain resistance in your routines with Rock

Maintaining your exercise routines over a period of several months is often a difficult task for those who do not have enough experience, which is why many of those people end up abandoning due to lack of motivation and lack of physical resistance.

In that sense, several studies have confirmed the usefulness and good results of listening music While performing various activities or during rest, because the ear is not only for listening, it also determines the balance and stimulates the brain in its different areas, besides allowing a better physical resistance against any effort.

According to a study of the Brunel University , published in the magazine Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, listen to a certain kind of music , fundamentally of the genres rock and pop, we can increase our physical endurance during intense exercise up to 15%.

Also, according to the researchers, listening to this genre during physical activity has a motivational and ergogenic effect; that is, they give an extra in their effort. After applying a test in volunteers on treadmills, they observed that when they reach 75% of their capacity cardiovascular , the rock it allowed them a greater effort and a better physical resistance.

For their part, scientists from Medical Center of the University of Maryland have shown that listening music , As the rock , can benefit the Cardiovascular system as much as doing exercises specific or take certain medications.

As an example, listen music during a gym class can improve the cardiovascular exercise . Experts believe that if people get carried away by the pace, especially the rock , they may not realize they are working harder.

However, listening to jazz or classical music would not have the same effect, experts believe. The results may vary according to the type of physical activity or sport that is going to be prepared, since different rhythms have different effects on physical performance and motivation.

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