Failed 90% of treatments for obesity

The obesity It is one of the main public health problems in Mexico. We are the first world country with obese people in adulthood and the second in minors.

This situation is alarming, since the quality of life of people is diminished. However, the problem with this disease is that it is not treated comprehensively.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the director of the Ellen West Foundation , Araceli Aizpuru points out: "The big problem we have with obesity is that patients usually diet or exercise, but they do not have a complete treatment; they do not work with the emotional part that is very important, because psychological support is essential to prevent patients from regaining weight. "

In this regard, the owner of the Ellen West Foundation He comments that it is for this reason that there is little talk of an eating disorder that is very common, but not widespread: Binge eating disorder .

"We know that worldwide, more than 50% of cases of obesity correspond to binge eating disorders, because many people overeat because of anxiety, sadness, pain or some other emotional factor and the rest do correspond to a metabolic problem. "


Forum of obesity and eating behavior

Aizpuro de la Portilla reiterates that it is extremely important to see not only obesity, but also eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder as a public health problem, since it must be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

For this reason, next Wednesday, August 18, the Second Forum on Eating Disorders at the PolyForum Cultural Siqueiros, from 9 o'clock.

"Admission is free. The intention is for health experts and the general public to share their experiences and doubts about these issues, with the aim of developing a treatment and prevention strategy to support all patients living with this disease. "

The registration deadline is this Friday, August 13. So if you want to be part of this experience visit the page

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