Cream against stretch marks

Stretch marks are lesions of the epidermis that can occur at any age, mainly in adolescence or pregnancy in the case of women. These originate from a decrease in elastin and collagen on the skin, which offer the ability to be stretched without breaking or striating the skin tissues.

In the market there is a great number of products focused on solving or cushioning this aesthetic problem; However, even the natural options are preferred by people for their benefits and for the economic, for example, the ponytail.

The Library of Traditional Mexican Medicine of the UNAM notes that horsetail is an herb approximately three meters high, which is regularly used to treat problems related to the kidneys, but also to combat stretch marks.

This plant is rich in silicon, an element that helps the regeneration of the skin. In many creams and procedures, horsetail is mixed with other natural ingredients, such as fucus containing iodine and ideal for the treatment of skin wounds.

GetQoralHealth It offers you a homemade cream, which combines the natural properties of these two ingredients and will help you to combat those unattractive appearances that cause stretch marks.


Cream against stretch marks



125 milliliters of alcohol

10 drops of lemon juice

Half a liter of boiling water

4 tablespoons of yogurt

2 tablespoons of horsetail

2 tablespoons of fucus



Place all ingredients, except yogurt, in a container and let the mixture stand for 25 days. After this time filter and add the yogurt. Apply this cream with a massage on the affected area, for 15 minutes, and you will be surprised by the results.

In addition to using external resources, remember that a balanced diet can increase the elastic and collagen of the skin and, therefore, avoid the birth of stretch marks.

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