Color that indicates something more ...

Its presence is part of our intimacy, to the extreme that rarely reflects on the changes that occur in it, but, what indicates the change of coloration of your vaginal discharge?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicions , the flow is produced by glands inside the vagina and cervix, which produce small amounts of fluid, the same fluid that flows daily carrying old cells from the vaginal lining. This is the way the body has to keep this area healthy and clean.

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Color that indicates something more ...

Each woman has a perception of what a normal flow is. However, there are changes in the color of this one that can occur in almost all women, but what they indicate about your health. Here we present you four.

1. Indicates natural changes. During the first part of the menstrual cycle - close to ovulation - the flow is crystalline, like egg white. In this stage, fertility is at a high level. In the second part of the cycle - prior to menstruation - there is a less abundant, thicker, darker and adherent flow.

2. White. Candida is one of the most frequent. The flow changes to a white and lumpy color, like cut milk, which itches and usually sticks to the walls of the vagina. It is exacerbated in the pre-menstrual period.

3. Yellow Produced by parasites, the most typical trichomonas, which can be acquired by sexual transmission, give a greenish yellow flow, which is more frequent in the days after menstruation. The vulva (the external female genital organs) may be sore and sore and intercourse may also cause pain.

4. Gray It is due to the presence of a germ called gardnerella, which is sexually transmitted. The flow is grayish white, has a strong foul odor, like fish. The gardnerella associated with other anaerobic germs, produces what some authors call the ecological catastrophe of the vagina. In these cases, the anaerobes from which the gardnerella feeds are attacked.

Observe the changes that occur in your body is not bad, quite the opposite. They help you to know if there is a problem with your health. Always try to go to an expert in medicine. Do not forget, your health is in your hands!

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