5 tips for teeth whitening

A good one dental hygiene It is basic to have a white and dazzling smile; However, there are several factors such as diet, smoking or the consumption of coffee, which can stain your teeth and give an appearance of carelessness. For this reason, the affected people ask themselves, how to whiten the teeth?

Do not worry, so that your teeth no longer yellow or stained, GetQoralHealth gives you five tips:

  1. Banditas : Contains a mild chemical, which helps eliminate surface imperfections of the teeth. They are very thin and are covered with a peroxide-based gel. They are used daily, for a few minutes. The results are visible in a few days, and the result lasts more than a year.
  2. Gel : Contains peroxide that easily removes gray or yellow spots. It is applied with a small brush on the surface of the teeth, for 30 and 45 minutes every night.
  3. Bleaching pastes : To create the formula of this product, various chemicals and polishing agents are used to help remove surface stains.
  4. Teeth whitening : This technique is one of the best in simple and conservative aesthetic treatments. It can be performed on a set of affected teeth or on only one. There are different types, according to the chemical that is used, either through peroxide or laser.
  5. Home remedies : Some foods help clean the surface and whiten teeth such as baking soda, apples, celery, pears and carrots.

Bleaching can cause problems and excessive sensitivity in the teeth, so it must be performed under diagnosis and medical care.

According to information published by the blog How to whiten the teeth, it is recommended to avoid cigarettes, because tobacco stains are very difficult to eliminate. Also, brush your teeth after eating or drinking coffee, tea, grape and cranberry juices, red wine, blackberries, blackberries, beets, among others. The following video explains how to perform a correct dental hygiene :

Remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day or after each meal, use a mouthwash and floss to eliminate bacteria and prevent infections mouths, as well as visiting your dentist every six months. And you, how do you prevent stains on your teeth?

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Video Medicine: 10 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home (January 2021).