But how to exercise memory?

Do not you know how to exercise your memory? According to a study of Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science and the University of Wisconsin-Madison , daydreaming helps you improve your concentration and keep your mind active.

Researchers say that while your mind wanders, mental processes are generated that create a working memory, that is, you plan or plan things while doing other physical activities.

The study published in the magazine Psychological Science notes that the working memory capacity is directly related to the tendency to daydream during a daily activity.


But how to exercise memory?

The researchers Jonathan Smallwood, Daniel Levinson, Richard Davidson They detail that the mental processes that occur when the mind wanders is a way of exercising memory, since this mental capacity allows the brain to process multiple thoughts at the same time.

Jonathan Smallwood, one of the researchers of the study, assures that the planning of activities that take place while a person is on the bus, goes to work, washes the dishes or bathes, are part of the thoughts of a work memory.

In addition, the brain learns to prioritize hierarchies, that is, it obtains the ability to put the relevant problems before the most insignificant, which leaves them at an automatic level without focusing all the attention.

The important thing is that people use working memory to maintain concentration and prevent the mind from wandering without a clear focus, because otherwise the objective would be lost sight of. And you, how many times do you dream awake in a day?

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