According to the Federal Health Secretariat (Ssa), the ingestion of energy that comes from beverages represents 21% of the total energy consumption of Mexican adults and adolescents, which predisposes to overweight or obesity.

To better understand the Ssa Provides the recommendation of drinks. Therefore in GetQoralHealth we present the main drinks that "fatten" and the level they occupy.



1. Beverages with sugars and low nutritional content. (The least recommended) Avoid Soft drinks and other drinks with added sugar such as juices and fresh water.

2. Drinks with high caloric value and limited health benefits. A moderate consumption benefits the cardiovascular health; the excess increases the risk of cancer. Sports drinks should be used exclusively for high performance athletes because they contain large amounts of sugar and calories. Avoid Fruit juices, whole milk, sports drinks and alcoholic beverages.

3. Non-caloric beverages with artificial sweeteners. Being sweet they can harm the habits of consumption and provoke excessive consumption of sugar. Moderate. Waters sweetened with sweetener or other added sugar substitutes.


The most recommended ...

Level 1 (Most recommended) Drinking water. It is necessary to maintain active and healthy metabolism and is essential for physiological processes, avoids dehydration and can provide magnesium and calcium.

Level 2 Skimmed milk, half-skimmed milk (1%) and soy drinks without added sugar. They provide protein, but little fat.

Level 3 Coffee and tea without sugar. Researchers of the Harvard School of Public Health they reveal that the caffeine contained in coffee and in some teas decreases the risk of depression, due to its stimulating action on the central nervous system.

This classification was obtained through an evaluation that included the following factors.

  • Energy density (amount of kilocalories in 250 ml of each drink)
  • Contribution to total energy intake and body weight
  • Contribution to the daily ingestion of essential nutrients
  • Evidence of beneficial and adverse effects on health

A healthy diet does not require energy contributed by liquids, so that drinking water satisfies almost every need of the healthy individual. Avoid excesses and take care of your health!

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