According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Physical activity is defined as any type of body movement produced by the skeletal muscles and that involves energy expenditure.

Currently there is a wide variety of options for physical activity and in GetQoralHealth We know that you want to choose the best option, therefore with information from the School of Medicine of the University of Granada we have prepared some concepts that you must identify to look like an expert.



Physical exercise? Physical exercise is a type of physical activity that is carried out intentionally and not exclusively systematized

Invisible exercise? Invisible exercise is also a form of physical exercise that is practiced systematically and intentionally. It consists of carrying out activities and daily tasks with a greater degree of physical activity and even physical effort. For example.

1. Avoid the use of elevators and escalators.
2. Lifting weights (for example when leaving "shopping")
3. Parking the car farther from the normal
4. Walk faster and more energetically than usual

It has been found that "invisible exercise" is part of an accumulated physical effort that positively influences health.

Form or physical condition. It refers to the ability of people to exercise; includes all physical qualities that a person requires to practice any exercise. The physical form includes the functions: skeletal muscle, cardiorespiratory, circulatory hemato, endocrine metabolic and psychoneurological. A bad physical condition means the malfunction of any of these functions.

The WHO He has also elaborated the "Global recommendations on physical activity for health" which aim to guide the population about the frequency, duration, type, intensity and total amount of physical activity that must be done to prevent Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) Take care of yourself and try the "invisible exercise"!

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