Aerial yoga, freedom that tones your body

Aerial yoga mixes two physical activities They stand out for their balance, flexibility, channeling of energy and, above all, for toning, shaping and styling the muscles of the body: aerial dance and yoga.

This practice began in the 90s and was created by the artistic director Chistopher Harrison . Currently, aerial yoga is the only suspension training that is approved by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America , and aims to offer people a healthy, innovative and, above all, beneficial for their body and emotional development.

Comprehensive physical conditioning technique, aerial yoga is a physical activity which is based on a suspension in a hammock that works like a soft trapeze. This lightens the pressure on the joints, which helps to align the spine, improves posture, works the abdomen, glutes and tones the entire body.

However, and beyond its benefits, if your desire is to realize this physical activity you must take into account some actions before:

1. Select an appropriate and professional space. This practice requires professional supervision and advice. Note that the space where you are going to make it has the right structure and conditions.

2. Do not try to perform this practice alone unless you are a professional and know how to position the grip system.

3. The fabric should stay at the height of the lumbar when you are standing. The idea is that once seated, your body is 1 meter from the ground. This way you will avoid injuries.

4. Accompany the exercise with inspirations and deep and diaphragmatic expirations.

5 . Wear comfortable clothes, elastic and preferably light colors or white, as they will help you relax.

Aerial yoga, unlike classical yoga, is not designed for all individuals. Before starting this physical activity you must attend the doctor if you have the following health status.

1. High blood pressure
2. Heart problems
3. Glaucoma
4. Hiatal hernia
5. Recent surgery
6. Pregnancy
7. Herniated disc
8. Fused vertebrae

Performing 30 minutes of physical activity will not only allow you to maintain your weight, it will also make you feel better emotionally. Aerial yoga is an excellent and novel option. Try it!

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