What is better refined or fruit?

How do you sweeten your life? Each ingredient that we use to prepare our food, such as refined sugar or fruit, is processed in different ways by our body.

According to Michigan State University, a recent research highlights that the body distinguishes each type of sugar, regardless of its origin, that is, whether it is refined or the fruit (rich in nutrients).

In information published by the Michigan State University, Ruth Frechman , dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association highlights that people, mainly Americans, consume 16% of total calories in the form of added sugars.


What is better refined or fruit?

Refined sugars produce a rapid increase in blood glucose, while those found in whole fruits generate a gradual increase, depending on the University of Sydney .

Fruits because they are rich in soluble fiber retard the release of sugar into the bloodstream and have other nutritional properties; They provide vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants.

Refined sugar (sucrose) is a sweetener that is used in processed foods and to sweeten coffee, tea and confectionery products. It is a carbohydrate that does not provide fiber, vitamins or minerals. The excess is absorbed very quickly by the body, so it can cause hyperglycemia.

Meanwhile, the sugar in the fruit (fructose) is a nutrient. The body metabolizes it to convert it into energy. In addition, it is more easily absorbed because this type of food contains the vitamins and minerals necessary for digestion, according to the portal. Botanical-online.

However, if you consume refined sugar or fruit, ideally you should do it in moderation and do some physical activity to avoid accumulation and become body fat. And you, what type of sweetener do you use daily?

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