What to do when diagnosed with a disease

I have been asked to write about how to live before a diagnosis of a chronic disease such as Hepatitis C or Diabetes.
A disease is a great opportunity to enrich life. Once we have the diagnosis, the normal thing is to go through a duel with all the stages of it. The last stage is acceptance. If you let yourself flow and allow yourself to be sad or angry you will get to it.


Accepting illness is the only way to make sense of it.


A disease forces us to take care of ourselves: thanks to it we will be more aware of our diet, of our fatigue, of the need to exercise, to drink water, to sleep and to learn to relax. In other words: the disease It teaches us to be more loving with ourselves.


It also forces us to be more reflective and profound. It induces us to think about our death. And thinking about our own death can save our lives. Because we will learn to give importance to what is important and to trivialize the trivial.


The way to find meaning can be asking two questions about the disease:


1. What have I stopped doing from this disease?


2. What am I doing from this disease?

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