5 tips vs the cold

With this spring weather and the use of air conditioning, it is normal for people to acquire a cold or get sick of flu ; however, some home remedies or the feeding They can help you prevent or improve symptoms.

The specialists of INSK consider that treating dehydration and dry mucous membranes is the first defense against cold . In addition, you can implement the following 5 tips against this condition:

1.- Drink natural water , juices, lemon tea with a little honey. This will help decongest your airways.

2.- Avoid alcoholic beverages , coffee or those that contain caffeine, because they cause dehydration and what is important during the flu is to stay well hydrated.

3.- Consume broth , preferably of chicken. This home remedy was put to the test by some researchers and they discovered that it decreases the symptoms of cold because it has a slight anti-inflammatory effect and helps to decongest the airways.

4.- Consume fruits like oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and guavas. The consumption of vitamin C during a cold helps to reduce the duration or severity of this condition. It is not necessary to consume supplements or supplements of this vitamin , it can be easily obtained through the feeding .

5.- Eat vegetables and fruits of orange, yellow or intense green, as well as dairy products, eggs, so that you have an adequate dose of vitamin A, which prevents the cold common thanks that keeps the mucous cells of the respiratory tract.

The cold common or flu is a mild infection of the respiratory system caused by virus , and can usually last between three and 10 days. The main symptoms are:

  1. Congestion or runny nose
  2. Sore throat
  3. Sore body
  4. Headache
  5. Fatigue

Now you know, a complete and varied diet can help to prevent common colds or to feel better when you are sick. But always remember not to self-medicate and go with your doctor to any illness, even if it's a simple cold .

Finally, keep in mind that the habits of hygiene such as frequent hand washing are also important to avoid infections. And you, do you follow any of these tips against the cold?

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