5 tips vs auditory alterations

The hearing loss is the total or partial disability for hear sounds in one or both ears and may be due to genetic and environmental factors. In Mexico, it is estimated that during 2010, 6 thousand children were born with some degree of deafness .

In this sense, when any hearing impairment In a child or a person, the participation and acceptance of the family . Therefore, they must be well aware of the causes that the deafness , diagnosis, treatment, complications and alternatives rehabilitation .

According to information from the Mexican Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Deafness A. C. , the motivation is essential for those people who have never heard or who have lost this capacity and they are in rehabilitation .

Therefore, should there be any hearing impairment :

1. Examine yourself. Go to the doctor otorhinolaryngologist , who will send you to perform tests like the audiometry , to establish an accurate diagnosis and the treatment to follow.

2. Conversation For a good communication , try to choose a quiet place without environmental noise ; Also, during your talk, place yourself in front of the other person, or on the side of the ear with which you listen best. If necessary, bring a notebook with you and request that they write to you if you have any questions.

3. Body language. For a good understanding, pay attention to the information , to the gestures of the other person and the movement of their lips .

4. Restore your hearing. If any operation is required, cochlear implant or auditory assistant , give it a lot of importance and as soon as possible try to integrate it back into your normal life.

5. Interlocutor. Sometimes the person with whom talks can make it harder for you understanding because he chews gum, smokes or speaks very fast. Ask him in a careful manner to clarify what you do not understand and, if possible, not to obstruct the communication . Also, ask for a little patience and explain your situation.

To promote hearing hygiene , according to the Association, we need to understand that understanding is not enough hear . It's all a mental process which includes motivation , Attention , learn to hear , learning language Y memory , because it involves the association of words with sounds , identified, with its correct meaning .

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