7 beauty tips with natural remedies

Over the decades, various rituals have emerged, remained and perfected. beauty , whose objective is to improve the appearance and raise the self esteem of women around the world, according to information published by The Huffington Post .

Since Cleopatra's time, natural remedies, such as milk, have been used tomoisturize the skin or mother-of-pearl shells to clear it. Currently, some of these components are used in the manufacture of cosmetic products sold in the market, to treat various physical problems such as: the loss of hair , dryness in the skin , Spots on the face, Burns solar, among others.

For that reason, here we give you 7 beauty tips to eliminate the imperfections of your body:

Turmeric: It is an herb with properties anti-inflammatory and it is used as antiseptic . In India, it is a tradition to exfoliate the bodies of future husbands with a mask of this plant with chickpea flour.

Papaya cream or ointment: Helps relieve the discomfort generated by Burns solar, rash Y stings of insects; In addition, it is a good moisturizer for skin and dry lips.

Shea butter: Has moisturizing properties; It protects the skin against free radicals and prevents wrinkles. It is recommended to pregnant anoint this type of cream to avoid stretch marks .

Argan oil: It is known in Africa as a miracle of nature. It is rich in vitamin E and other fatty acids; It has anti-aging properties and is excellent for combating acne and the wrinkles .

Monoi oil: This is an infusion of gardenias and coconut oil. It is used by Tahiti women to protect the hair and the skin . In addition, it is an emollient and a natural perfume.

Camellia seed oil: It is a antioxidant that nourishes and moisturizes skin ; It is ideal for Burns , stretch marks and to strengthen the nails. It is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid .

Avocado: With its high fat content and vitamin And, nourishes the skin and the hair . The slightly grainy texture of the inner part of the avocado peel is exfoliating.

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