What is endometriosis?

Without exception, perhaps with some variation in the day or time, your period arrives; what is "terrifying" is that it is accompanied by colic, heavy bleeding, back pain ... Malestares, which, although popular belief indicates as normal, are actually symptoms of endometriosis.

Types of endometriosis; causes and symptoms

A condition that in many women takes years to be diagnosed, even though it is the main cause of infertility in the country, and according to studies presented in the medical journal The Lancet Oncology, increases the chances of developing ovarian cancer.

But before panicking ...


What is endometriosis?

In short, the endometriosis it is the abnormal growth of the cells that line the uterus (they are deposited in the ovaries, intestines, rectum and bladder).

The problem is that being outside the uterus these cells can not be eliminated in menstruation (as is normal), however, they respond to hormonal changes; that is, they multiply and inflame, as described by National Library of Medicine of the United States.

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