This happens in your breasts after a night of pleasure

When you have sexual intercourse your whole body experiences changes that you might not have noticed, the most obvious is that your nipples they become rigid and hard because the blood flow to the surface of the skin increases.

And in fact, there are several stages in the process of arousal by which your breasts undergo changes, sometimes they hurt and often grow considerably when you have sex.

The Stanford University , published in a study on changes in the breasts, 2 factors by which increases the size of your breasts to have relationships:

1. You can increase up to one measure in the cup of your bra if your hormone levels progesterone and prolactin They are high, regularly a few days before menstruation. This causes more water to be retained and your breast tissues to increase.

2. According to the arousal process, the extra blood flow that reaches the breasts makes increase in size . There are women who grow up to 25%. Although after the ecstasy they return to their original size.

Therefore, feel a light pain after having sex is completely normal, while your body adapts to its form again.

Now that you know this wonder of nature, you have more reasons to enjoy your sexuality fully.

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