An animal is not an object

In the search to deliver to loved ones a gift as original as desired by them, we lose sight of important aspects to consider, especially when the desire is a pet, a living being .

Many of them represent an economic cost and time, without mentioning the responsibility that comes with taking charge of a living being.

That is why before surprising someone with the arrival of a pet, it is worth knowing the uncertain landscape that awaits them if they are not acquired with the seriousness that a decision of this type requires. As the specialist explains Carlos Esquivel of the Department of Small Species of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).


An animal is not an object

Respect for life is a principle that we must consider when we are going to deliver one of them, so if this idea is going through our heads, we must take into account the advice of the expert:

• The family must make a consensus to determine if they agree that the animal comes home.

• Analyze the space with which it is counted, the time available to assist it, as well as consider the resource that is available to provide good veterinary care, food, aesthetic services, vaccines, among others.

• Avoid acquiring it in information sites, as this affects the health and development of the puppy.

• Remember that when buying it, a permanent responsibility is acquired.

There are many reasons why someone may want to have a pet, the main one must be to connect with them and be willing to take responsibility for their care and protection.

90% of the puppies that are acquired by an impulse, end up abandoned in the street before 3 months. Take care of them!

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