Phototherapy rejuvenates your skin

Not only computers, telephones or any other communication device evolves, human life also, there is a device for rejuvenate Y mold you figure .

Thanks to the Youth Machine, Space 3000, and 15-minute sessions of collagen phototherapy you can reduce marks, disguise the cellulitis and increase the freshness of the skin that integrates your whole body.

"This machine is European and with its brightness , hydrate very deeply the skin , also stimulates the collagen and the elastin ", Explains Vanessa Ortega Sánchez, Genetic Tuck trichologist.

The technology what are you using phototherapy , does not tan but with its magenta light stimulates the components of your skin and support your mood . To learn more about these applications, in GetQoralHealth we show you a video about it:


Why does light cure?

The tradition recommends sunbaths not only to improve the cheer up , but also to reduce minor discomforts. For example, the employment of light visible for the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia (increase in bilirubin , which generates yellow color in the skin ) at newborn It's very common.

In the case of the machine for cosmetology, "the production rate of collagen decreases after 25 years of age (it is much more evident at 30) and with the light therapy , the spectrum of light activates cells that produce collagen (called fibroblasts ) and, consequently, starts again the production of this fundamental element for the beauty ", Warns Vanessa Álvarez y Pérez, certified plastic surgeon, Angeles Lomas Hospital and medical director of Genetic Tuck.

Three sessions in this light camera They are recommended at least weekly. The skin It regenerates every 28 to 30 days, so the complete results can be specified after a month of treatment. your skin it will look luminous, uniform and fresh.

While the light It is beneficial for most Mexicans, some can not be exposed to it, mainly if they have: skin cancer , lupus erythematosus Y photosensitivity .

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