Miguel Bosé becomes dad

The Spanish singer Miguel Bosé reported in their official accounts of Twitter Y Facebook who is already the father of two babies.

The message in both social communities on the Internet ensures that Bosé is the father of 2 twins called Diego Y Tadeo , who on April 26 fulfilled 1 month, so the birth of the little ones happened in March 2011 .

It also transpired in media dedicated to the show that the birth of their children it happened through a rent belly , news that if confirmed, would make the singer join the list of celebrities, as Ricky Martin and Nicole Kidman , who have accepted without any problem this form of human conception .

The message published by the Spaniard says: '' Dear everyone, I have a very good news to tell you: I have been dad of 2 precious children who yesterday (by Tuesday 26) fulfilled 1 month . They are called Diego and Tadeo. "

"We are already at home and in good health. the happiest man on earth !!! A huge hug and later more ", (referring to publish more information about it).

So far there is no official statement, however, the public and fans have responded to the news of the new paternity with messages of congratulation and joy .

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