Mexico consumes more soda than fruit

International experts are concerned that in Mexico decreased by 30% the consumption of fruits and vegetables while the consumption of soft drinks grew 35% since 1998.

By continuing the work of the VI International Congress of Promotion to the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables at Expo Guadalajara, Enrique Jacoby , representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), warned that the Mexican population also left aside the consumption of meat, poultry and eggs in 19%, while products such as milk Y cheese they stopped having preference in 27%.

By citing an example of the devaluation of healthy food , said that in the United States food without nutritional content is growing rapidly, especially in the children population , which prefers French fries, pizza and snacks, over fruits and vegetables.

In that sense, criticized that two thirds of the economic bankruptcies of 2005 in the neighboring country of the north, were for expenses in health matter , despite the fact that 70% had health insurance.

"The majority of these cases corresponded to chronic preventable diseases caused by the obesity Y overweight , major causes of serious public health problems that nations are experiencing, which is even leading to the major economies destined millionaire to serve their sick population, being the most spent by the United States, Canada, Holland, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand ".

The expert reported that the statistics confirm that the childhood obesity it is more serious in the American continent, unlike the Mediterranean, Europe and East Asia; nevertheless, this evil will be duplicated mainly in the preschool age if the bad eating habits in the world.

Enrique Jacoby pointed out that the most urgent thing is to change the food pyramid, that currently has the fats and sweeteners at the tip of consumption and far below it, the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which is what could be reduce the effects negative of a bad nutrition .

The representative of PAHO also alerted the population about the risks of consuming food worthless especially when you are watching television, in front of the computer and even driving, because it makes us eat and eat without realizing it. impulsively .

Sources: The Occidental

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