How does the mind of a winner work?

The key of a person successful it's his brain and the way he makes it work, according to Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske and Liz Neporent , authors of the book "The brain of the winner. 8 strategies of great minds to achieve success ".

The brain of a person successful enjoy physical activity, abundant and significant experiences, good sleep and a proper diet, which affects all the tools of intellectual capacity.

However, success does not only have to do with the IQ, it is not only defined by the social environment in which one is born or by a stroke of luck, so other factors, such as brain chemistry , are put into action to achieve an "Effect of the winner", as he calls it John Coates in his book "The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk Taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust".

In this sense, the specialist in cognitive and behavioral neurology of the University of Cambridge explains that there is a relationship between body chemistry and risk taking, in which the testosterone it becomes a chemical coefficient of the self-confidence .

"The effect of the winner works like osmosis that self-reinforces the secretion of hormones of success and failure: the testosterone Y cortisol respectively. "
The testosterone is able to induce in a person a state of euphoria related to taking risks, which drives positive feedback in which the success It translates into a competitive advantage.

On the contrary, when a person presents high levels of cortisol (stress hormone), it becomes less competitive because it suffers a certain aversion to taking risks.

In this way, as has been proven in some studies among animals, the high levels of testosterone prepare a person to take risks and make decisions aimed at success .

However, in order to exceed your own expectations and learn to live in this type of "state", it is essential to learn a series of strategies and the use of tools, including: self-awareness, motivation, concentration, emotional balance, the memory, the resistance, the adaptability and the attention of the brain.

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