Why choose it?

As its name indicates it comes from the Himalayas and is considered the purest salt.

It contains 84 elements necessary for the human body, which is why it favors the regulation of water in the body, the balance of acidity in cells and prevents muscle cramps.


Why choose it?

It is a regulator of body water.

Prevents muscle cramps due to its magnesium content.

It acts as a hypnotic, so it is great to improve and regulate sleep.

It works as a natural antihistamine, decongesting the sinuses.

Prevents the appearance of varicose veins because it improves circulation.

It balances the level of sugar in blood.

It reduces the acidity of the cells.

Combat sinusitis, mucus or phlegm, asthma, sore throat and tonsillitis (among others).

It contains 84 essential components that are necessary for our organism.

Your benefits not only remain in your intake, you can also use the salt of the Himalayas to treat skin problems, joint discomforts and increase energy.

How to apply it?

10 g of Himalayan salt

15 ml of water

2 drops of rosehip oil

1 cotton ball or gauze (depending on the area of ​​your body you want to cover)


Apply it and enjoy its benefits!

In a bowl mix all these ingredients and soak cotton or gauze.

Allow your skin to absorb this remedy and let it rest for 20 minutes.

Wash with fresh water. Repeat this three times a week and you will notice more effective results.

You can buy it in specialized stores. Do not miss it!


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