Part of life…

The accelerated pace of life, work demands and family problems cause parents not to perceive that their children are suffering an emotion that can damage their health: stress .

However, for parents, causes such as stress can go unnoticed, but how does it manifest itself in them and what are the factors that trigger it?


The stress it is our "unconscious" resistance to life. How we live our own existence, that vital impulse that motivates us to experiment and discover our environment. That is why it is normal sensation ", He says in an interview to GetQoralHealth the psychologist Luis Carlos Flores.


Part of life…

According to Flores, founder of "Niños Ahora", the stress it occurs when the child lacks one or more of its four fundamental needs: security and trust, exploration, feeling valued, connection.

This situation manifests itself in various forms. Some of which are cause forstress in children, such as the following:

1. "He does not feel loved by his parents." This happens when parents do not prepare for this "role", since they do not give the child adequate signs of affection.

2. Conditioned love. If you do not behave well do not I love you?

3. Overprotection. He begins to distrust his capacity and develops a feeling of fear, anxiety .

4. When they lose a loved one. Lying about what is happening leaves the child with a sense of confusion and consequently of anxiety. Since from his unconscious he seeks to find an answer.

5. See parents fight frequently. The infant knows little about economic problems or differences in character, the only thing he thinks is that the discussion started because of him.

6. First day of classes. They have to face separation, in addition to meeting new people. These generate anguish.

The expert points out that parents can mitigate this emotion, although they can not eliminate it since it is part of life. An option to soften the stress is to anticipate at the moment: prepare the child little by little for the new change.

"Nobody is born knowing how to be a father" , but you can learn, this is what Flores says. Listen and above all watch your son, he is your best achievement.


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