Milk and cookies for insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the sleep disorders that most affects the Mexican population. In a study conducted by the firm more than 5 thousand people through the twitter microblogging service, it was discovered that in the Federal District, 35% of the population has this rest problem.

However, it is possible that the solution to insomnia is found in a traditional remedy: a glass of milk and cookies.

According to Carmen Barriga , chrononutrition specialist and professor of Physiology of the University of Extremadura, Ingesting these foods can help you fall asleep, since they are high in tryptophan, the amino acid responsible for synthesizing the hormone melatonin that is involved in the induction of sleep.

Carmen also indicates that they are not the only ideal foods before going to sleep; banana, cherry, cereals, lettuce, nuts and fish can combat insomnia.

This theory is based on a study carried out by Barriga that showed how breast milk intervenes in the sleep cycles of the newborn. Breast milk varies its composition throughout the day to adapt its components to the different biological rhythms of the body of wakefulness and sleep.

Chrononutrition is a method based on food rebalancing. He also mentions that consuming foods rich in vitamin C; example, orange or kiwi, drinks such as tea or coffee or red meats and sausages rich in thyroxine, an amino acid precursor of the catelocamines and dopamine, can keep you awake in hours of rest.

Insomnia has different consequences, it can even be a factor that makes you gain weight, says the expert José Dorazco, Chief of Clinical Neurophysiology and founder of the Sleep Clinic at the Fray Antonio Alcalde Civil Hospital , in Guadalajara.

A good dream can help your body to have a full physical and mental development. Beware!

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