Limits and reason against child anger

The specialists of the American organization Adults and Children Together against Violence (ACT, for its acronym in English), dependent on the American Psychological Association, have spent years studying the effects of violence within families and from society, the control of anger and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.


No one like them to offer recommendations to mothers and fathers who do not know how to help an angry girl or boy.


Help him calm down. With a firm and normal voice, tell him "Enough or calm down " Suggest a way to calm down, from asking him to sit in a chair and take a deep breath, make him count to 25 in a low voice, or even recommend that he retire to his room and splash cold water on his face. Help the child realize he has achieved appease your anger .


When the child has calmed down, ask her to think about the reasons for her anger. Listen with calm and respect, without interrupting, to really know what you are saying. Remember that people gets angry when he thinks something is wrong or incorrect. Help her describe what caused her anger.

Help him empathize with the feelings of other people, either his own or those of other people. This means helping the infant understand the points of view , the emotions and actions of others.


With calm and affection, explain your feelings about the situation.


Help him choose the best solution to solve the conflict. This may include: apologizing; request help from an adult; get away from the situation ; state firmly the reason for your anger and then move away from the situation; reach an agreement with the other child about the rules of the game or the use of a toy; go to a special place to calm down, or do something different that entertains you.


Restore your relationship with the girl or boy. Tell him that he still loves you and appreciates you, but that his bad behavior must change. You can praise him or reward him for his efforts or by any positive change when you get angry or when you try to calm down and choose better solutions to resolve the conflict.

Video Medicine: THE SCIENCE OF ANGER (April 2023).