Distortion of reality

A simple action as natural and daily as look at yourself to the mirror can hide a mania . The captotropy is the obsession to look for defects physical, finding them generatespleasure for havingsatisfied that restlessness.


Look at yourself to the mirror It is not bad if it is done moderately; the problem is when that behavior becomes a addiction , making people at all times aware of their reflection , both in mirrors, as in any type of reflective surface ", explains Gemma Asarbai Navlani García, clinical psychologist .


Distortion of reality

The captotropy is distinguished because people do not see beautiful or attractive, they think they have too big a nose and need to look at mirror for confirm it when they do they feel sated because they find what they were looking for , details Sergio García, psychologist, therapist from El Escorial and Madrid in the article Mirror, tell me I'm the ugliest.

In accordance with Garcia , this obsession is maintained for three to six months, however, behind this behavior generally someone else hides suffering psychological as anorexy nervous, disorder obsessive compulsive , body dystrophy and even psychopathy.

In extreme cases, the idea of ​​having defects that can not correct it drifts into a large discomfort that ends with depress to people and even generate suicidal ideas .

It is noteworthy that this mania by looking at mirror should not get confused with the desire to see each other a couple of times as part of the personal arrangement, the problem lies when that need is exceeded to the degree of to affect the lifetime personal, labor and social.

Even, there are those of both look at yourself at mirror They believe they have found a default physical looking to correct with a surgery and so they are in a constant search of what they consider imperfections to find the desired perfection .


The captotropy hides a very strong relationship with the symptoms of perfectionism self-demand and personal valuation of not forgiving the defect, which generates constant anguish ", Points out Laura Palomares, psychologist and sexologist at Advance Psicólogos de Madrid , Spain to the ABC newspaper.


Suffer more, them or them?

Although it seems that this obsession it affects dough women however vain and concerned about their physical appearance, captotrophy affects the same way mens , although mainly to people with low self-esteem and you begin to observe in the adolescence .

In these cases, the recommendation is to follow a psychotherapy to identify if it's about captotropy .

The therapy aims to know the lifetime of the affected person from his childhood , how he was educated around the parameters of beauty , if he suffered from discrimination social or teasing for their appearance physical, psychological or intellectual.

To worry by appearance physical and trying to improve those aspects that we do not like is considered the most normal , but when they fall in excesses and begins to affect various aspects of life is a sign that something is not right. How many times day usually look at you to the mirror ?

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