What do you do to paint your nails without side effects?

If you think that the only important thing when painting your nails is choosing the color of the enamel, you are wrong. You should also pay attention to the ingredients of this product.

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control warns that some enamels contain substances that could promote the development of asthma and other diseases.

There are three components used in nail polish that are known as the toxic trio, because they generate health problems: Formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and Toluene.


What do you do to paint your nails without side effects?

If you want to continue decorating your nails check that the enamels do not contain the toxic trio

Some specialists recommend that you never paint your nails for more than a full week, let them "rest" at least on weekends.

There are nail varnishes that are not only for decorative use, they contain keratin which helps to strengthen them. In addition, it is recommended that when washing your hands dry your fingers perfectly well, to prevent excess moisture from weakening your nails.

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