Do not let me make you less ...

According to the psychologists of the Instituto Motivacional Estratégico (Imotiva) of Spain , argue with someone who rarely admits his mistakes and despises any other argument can be exasperating.

The superb people Many times they think they are "almighty", they want to feed their ego at the expense of others and often have problems in the social environment. The issue is, how can we deal with people superb ?

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Do not let me make you less ...

The first thing we have to take into account, points out the clinical psychologist Guillermo Blanco, vice president of Imotiva, is that the superb people they become "megalomaniacs because they believe they have achieved their ideal. They are not aware of their own limitations. They perceive a distorted reality. "

Airs of sufficiency, exaltation of the self and disparagement towards others are some of the symptoms of pride. "Whoever falls into their networks often hinders communication with their self-centered attitude " affirms the psychologist Miriam González.

So, taking into account these opinions and the hand of the specialists, in GetQoralHealth com we give you some tips:

1. First of all, you have to be aware of your own strengths and see the arrogance of the other as a weakness. "Knowing that it is part of their defects, I protect my self esteem "Advises Blanco.

2. Go on with your life. Focus on yourself and do not try to please that person. Do not feel any pressure because of your excess of expectations.

3. If you have the bad luck to work with a superb individual, the advice given by the experts is that you do not cut the deal completely with that person. You have to work eight hours with her, therefore, do your part so that the coexistence is positive. Always welcome him, take an interest in her through close questions.

4. Do not let your self esteem it comes down because of the negative effect that a person of these characteristics can have near you. Your welfare depends on yourself and not on external agents. In fact, facing a situation like this also allows you to be much stronger.

5. Do not enter the game of rivalry, or compare yourself to it. You do not have to compete with anyone to be yourself, to be able to be happy, play your professional role in a free and satisfactory way.

6. Proud people invite the self-pity for being so. Although it does not seem so at first sight, they themselves are unhappy and suffer much more than it seems.

7. Mark your limits, let him know that you are not willing to put up with anything. Mark the limits is more positive still in case you have to obey the commands of a boss every day egocentric.

Experts think that, if necessary, it is necessary to assess whether it is worth to follow close to a superb person. "Sometimes it's better to get away," the psychologists add.

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