Fernández is operated on for thyroid cancer

The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández , is operated by a thyroid cancer , in a programmed surgical intervention that marks the beginning of the treatment of your condition.

The popular president, a 58-year-old Peronist, arrived Wednesday by helicopter with her two children to the Austral Hospital, where she is operated and in which she must remain at least 72 hours as part of her recovery.

The Cancer without metastasis It was detected during a checkup before Christmas, in the right lobe of the gland thyroid . For her treatment, the president took leave for 20 days of the charge.

What does the surgery consist of?

The surgery It is the most common treatment to eliminate thyroid cancer ; There are four types:

  1. Lobectomy : Only the side of the thyroid where the cancer is found is removed. Lymph nodes can be removed in the area to determine if there is metastasis.
  2. Near-total thyroidectomy : The entire thyroid is removed except for a small part
  3. Total thyroidectomy : Operation in which all thyroid is removed
  4. Lymph node dissection : Lymph nodes affected by cancer are removed from the neck.

Behind the thyroidectomy , patients are given thyroid replacement therapy.

Sometimes the thyroid cancer can persist, reappear or spread to other parts of the body, even many years after the surgery . For this reason, the doctor needs to perform regular check-ups, especially in the first five to ten years after the operation.

If you have had surgery to remove all or part of the thyroid gland , by the presence of a tumor malignant, the specialist must perform two primary tests to check whether the cancer has reappeared or spread to other parts of the body: an analysis of blood (called thyroglobulin determination) and total body scan (or RCT)

In the next video of the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia explains what thyroid cancer is like, as well as the function of the gland:

There is no specific cause for the thyroid cancer , but it is very likely that people who have been subjected to radiotherapy are the most likely to develop it, as well as the low diet in iodine.

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Video Medicine: Vigil as Fernandez arrives for cancer surgery, voxpops (December 2022).