5 nutritional benefits of beans

One of the oldest foods of humanity that is part of the Mexican identity, are undoubtedly the Beans . Its nutritional contribution contributes to improve cardiovascular health of those who include Beans in its diet . GetQoralHealth tells you why you should say yes to the Beans .

1. The Beans they are source of carbohydrates complexes, protein , vitamins , minerals and fiber . They have a low fat content and, being a food of vegetable origin, do not contain cholesterol .

2. The Beans They are ideal to take care of the feeding of a person with diabetes . Their carbohydrates Complexes are absorbed more slowly than simple ones (sugar, sweets, honeys, candies, etc.), thus helping to prevent abrupt increases in blood sugar levels.

3. They have a high content of Thiamin , riboflavin , niacin Y folic acid . The first three are necessary for the production of energy. On the other hand, folic acid is essential for the formation and maturation of cells, so it is essential during the pregnancy , to prevent neural tube defects.

4. 100 grams of Beans They contain approximately 17 grams of fiber . This is important considering the benefits of fiber to reduce the levels of cholesterol in blood and the risk of chronic diseases, such as obesity , diabetes Y Cancer .

5. If I eat Beans it generates gas or flatulence problems, the solution is simple: before cooking the beans, soak them in water for one hour and eliminate the liquid, since the components that generate the gases are a type of carbohydrates that are found in the shell of the Beans and they dissolve in the water.

Without a doubt, Beans They are highly nutritious and healthy. Do not forget to include them in your diet , since in addition to reducing the cholesterol has few calories , which helps to take care of your weight. Enjoy your meal!

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