Laith Ashley

They recognize being born in "the wrong body"; are  celebrities who feel full in the skin of the opposite sex.


Transsexuals are men who feel 'trapped' in the bodies of women and women who feel 'trapped' in men's bodies. They do not have psychiatric disorders that distort the perception of reality, "says Antonio Becerra, in the book Gender Identity Disorders; Clinical guide for diagnosis and treatment.

A study by the Universidad Complutense (Madrid) explains that gender identity is a social and cultural construction, which is experienced as necessary for psychological and social well-being.

Changing sex is not an easy decision, it requires multidisciplinary and family support. Meet these celebrities who changed sex and fight for the rights of the LGBT community.


Laith Ashley

This handsome model that has almost 80 thousand followers on Instagram before was a woman.

The Dominican has worked to make the LGBT community more visible and accepted in the rest of society. Currently, he is part of the agency Peche Di.

Video Medicine: Laith Ashley on transitioning and life as a model | British GQ (January 2023).