Growth hormone in Lionel Messi

The Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi, was treated with the Growth hormone or when he was preteen, which helped him reach 1.70 meters in height and become one of the most recognized soccer players in the world.

When Messi was 10 years old (1997) he was diagnosed in time that the growth hormone It did not work correctly, since it did not grow in stature, so for 3 years it received this hormonal application.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Armando Blanco , doctor endocrinologist , points out that this hormone is a protein (polypeptide) that is regulated in the central nervous system:

"Growth hormone is produced in the hypothalamus. This one reaches the front of the hypophysis and from there, through the blood circulation, it reaches the liver, where the production of insulin-like growth factor is stimulated, which stimulates the growth of people ".

In this sense, White specialist explained that the exogenous growth hormone , which is what is applied when there is a short size , it is administered by means of a subcutaneous injection, which enters the bloodstream and the growth cartilage in the bone and also has other actions at the level of the adipose tissue for the distribution of the fat, improving the corporal composition.

The expert in endocrinology, said that the key is to make an early detection, which is recognized, because children, do not grow and clarified that there are various devices that facilitate its application, including some that do not have needles, for those who They are afraid or injected phobia. Write me @ DeyaCano1

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