11 celebrities with the sexiest tattoos (PHOTOS)

On this occasion we have prepared for you a list of 11 sexy celebrities with tattoos They are always the focus of attention when they show little clothing or low-cut clothing.

It should be noted that the tattoos of these celebrities range from the simplest such as phrases and faces, to the most complex and elaborate as are landscapes, animals and people.

Speaking of tattoos, our goal is not to promote the use of these, since each person is free to modify their body as they like, however, we remind you that getting a tattoo requires a lot of responsibility and prevention.

An investigation carried out by Colin Grant and Pete Twigg of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency , points out that the ink used in the manufacture of tattoos, contains nano-particles that travel through the bloodstream and end up in other organs of the body, being able to cause considerable damage to health.

That is why before you get a tattoo, you should think very well and investigate places where they offer a hygienic and quality service. Meanwhile enjoy the images of These sexy celebrities with tattoos.

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