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The average woman waits about four weeks and a day before going back to see her boyfriend for show off without makeup, revealed a study.


Single women feel a lot less attractive, less safe and more vulnerable without a face full of makeup. And six out of 10 want to be sure of a possible "partner" that he likes enough before revealing his true appearance .


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In the previous period to undress everything, women think only of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night to touch up their makeup or getting up early to make sure your new lover does not witness your disheveled appearance in the morning.

Six out of 10 women say they are very careful that their new boyfriend never sees them without makeup and reapply frequently over the course of a day.

A third of the young women surveyed admit that they run to the bathroom immediately after being in the house of a new partner, for the first time, only to reapply their makeup. And a third of women are convinced that if they let someone see them without makeup too soon in a relationship, This will not go anywhere.

Less exposure of wrinkles Unwanted is another reason why women prefer to get to the bag of cosmetics rather than a new man.

Interestingly, a third of women are convinced that they would not be as successful with the opposite sex if they came out looking natural. And another percentage of the people who are currently in the middle of some relationship , they are totally sure that they would not have gotten their current partner without makeup.

The Superdrug spokesperson (the company that conducted the investigation):


It takes time for women to feel comfortable with a new partner and makeup can act as a shield for many women. "

Research indicates that for many women who they wear makeup, This is not just a way to look attractive, it's much more than that, it's a way to have trust and project an image.

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