Your imagination has no limit!

80% of Mexicans celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship; 60% of them do so through a text message, says a survey conducted by TNS Research International . Being more "original" does not have to have an economic cost. Check this!

Because of their shape and color, strawberries have a romantic connotation . To exploit this, melt a little bitter chocolate in a water bath and submerge this fruit. Then place each piece on a white plate and let cool in your refrigerator.


Your imagination has no limit!

In accordance with Carol Mayet, expert of the University of Hertfordshire, making a gift is a social exchange, which allows transmit a message to the other person without need for words. Therefore, our friends from Lola told me, they give you some options Gift for Valentine's Day.

Perfect moment

In this Valentine's Day avoid unpleasant surprises, so we give you the following recommendations with information from the Federal Consumer Procurator's Office (PROFECO) .

1. Avoid panic purchases. It is a fixed date which allows you to plan ahead what you are going to do and if you decide make a purchase

2. Before buying a gift, remember the tastes and preferences of those you want to celebrate. Do not get carried away by advertising and marketing.

3. If you are going to a restaurant. Check with relatives and friends or on internet sites, the service they offer and the approximate amount of the account, so you can budget it.

50% of all cards Valentine's Day they are bought during the 6 days prior to the celebration, women buy 85%. Curious!

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