Your economy is the culprit ...

Approximately, Mexican families spend 34% of their income on food purchases , drinks and tobacco. If these products are not chosen well, there is a risk of developing obesity and other chronic-degenerative diseases such as diabetes.

According to a survey of National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) , the main products of daily consumption of Mexicans are the meals in restaurants and soft drinks, foods that consume them in excess cause overweight .


Your economy is the culprit ...

A study published in The National Bureau of Economic Research explains that the economy has a very important role in the growth of obesity .


"The price of food, the establishment of supermarkets and the type of work of people are factors that promote the development of obesity," the authors explain.

People who live near a supermarket have the ability to buy food in bulk, which encourages little moderate consumption and, therefore, excessive calorie intake.

Meanwhile, low-income people are more likely to buy cheap and unhealthy products, being high in salt, sugars and oils.

Scientists explain that other causes of obesity are the number of restaurants

One solution proposed by the authors of the study is to increase taxes on unhealthy foods and subsidize healthy ones. In this way, people would opt for natural and fresh foods.

Seven out of every 10 Mexicans suffer obesity and they run the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. An effective way to prevent overweight is with healthy habits such as a balanced diet and the practice of physical activity. It's up to you…