Your body needs vitamin A

The Vitamin A It is not a single compound, it comes in several forms and is very necessary in our body. It comes in the form of alcohol such as retinol, as well as aldehydes and in acid form, which is the Retinoic acid .

The retinol It is the animal form and is a fat-soluble and antioxidant vitamin that is important for vision, as well as bone growth.

The Vitamin A It can be found in yellow and orange vegetables. Other foods that contain Vitamin A and retinol are: cod liver oil, cereals, eggs, butter, milk, sweet potatoes, carrots, melons, spinach, pumpkins and nuts.


Consequences due to lack of vitamin A

1. Night blindness or nictalopía . It is a disorder that affects the cells of the retina. People who suffer from this disease have poor vision in the dark.

2. Bitot spots . These are triangular spots on the eyes. They are similar to flying flies (which are like cobwebs in the eyes.)

3. Xerophthalmia . It is a medical condition where the eye can not produce tears. It implies a destructive dryness for the epithelium.

4. Keratomalacia . It is an eye disease that leads to dryness of the cornea. This is very dangerous, because it could lead to glaucoma and the person can lose sight permanently if it is not corrected as soon as possible.

The deficiency of Vitamin A and It is considered risky especially in respiratory problems and infections. It affects children more than adults.

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