You will relax

In addition to helping you control respiratory diseases, relieve stomach aches, be antioxidant, antiseptic, among others; This citrus can become your best "companion" at night.

Put a slice on a plate, place next to your bed and enjoy these effects:


You will relax

We all look forward to going to bed free of stress and worries. Smelling lemon reassures you and reduces your anxiety levels.


No more pickets

Of mosco! The slices will keep them away from you. To enhance its repellent power, add a little cloves. You will not see them or the dust!


In good mood

No matter what you have experienced the day before, you will dawn happy and with the whole stack to do your activities. This is because smelling it stimulates the production of serotonin, the so-called "happiness hormone".


Blood pressure under control

If you do not want to "shoot" or go down, the lemon will be your best ally to get it. The reason? The aroma that it sends avoids the pressure in your arteries.



Activate your brain and encourage you to concentrate no matter how many distractors there are around you. Also, avoid forgetting things, because it improves your memory capacity.

You already know, before giving yourself to the "arms of Morfeo", part your slice of lemon and sweet dreams!


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