You're alergic?

The doctor Antonio Pérez Elizondo, Head of Dermatology at the Maternal and Child Institute of the State of Mexico, (IMIEM) recommends that prior to a tattoo, a visit to the doctor should be made to analyze his general health status.

With this, you can check if you have any type of allergy, know your skin type and if you are prone to keloid formation (exaggerated growths of the scar tissue and that occur where a dermis injury was carried out).

In the case of keloid healing, there are some areas that are more prone to develop such as the chest, neck and upper back. In these cases, it is recommended not to tattoo in those areas, because there are cases where deep layers of the skin are injured, which generates skin reliefs.

"It is vitally important to verify the conditions of the place where it will be carried out, as well as to ensure that it complies with the necessary hygiene conditions and the corresponding authorizations. Observe that the surgical material is disposable and sterilized. "

"People who are going to get a tattoo should take care of all of the above because the process is similar to getting a wound on the skin, so they run the risk of suffering an infection or run the risk of contracting diseases such as hepatitis. B and C or HIV ", comments Antonio Pérez Elizondo.


You're alergic?

The specialist recommends that before you get a tattoo you should take an exam to find out if you may or may not have an allergic reaction to the ink. It is performed behind the ear and consists of a small puncture.

In the case of temporary tattoos can generate large blisters that can change the tone of the skin, while in the case of permanent, you can lose the design and have a scar with traces of it.

On the other hand, aesthetic tattoos such as eyebrows, lips and eyes, must go through a preventive process similar to that of common tattoos, since the risk area increases considerably, says the specialist.

Finally, the specialist advises to meditate on the reasons why you decide to get a tattoo, as well as make sure you do not put at risk both the physical and emotional integrity, with such a radical change in the body. "Prudence empowers your words." If you want to know more information write to:

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