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It is one of the most sincere affection that a human being can receive in his life; If you have the fortune of owning a dog then your affection corresponds through care and gifts that improve your life and well-being.

Do not have any qualms for it! According to a study of Public Opinion Center of the University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM), 77% of households that own a pet in Mexico spend an average of 88 pesos a month on toys and 505 on food from their "best friend".


You may also be interested: If you neglect your pet, this will happen ...


Pamper it

Just as you like to receive gifts, your dog will also feel very happy if you surprise him with some of these options.

1. Feed him grain-free croquettes. With them, your dog prevents the development of allergies. In addition, this food contains a greater amount of Omega 3, a fatty acid that improves the appearance of your hair.

2. Instant drinker. If your dog accompanies you in your sporting activities, this bottle with a tray will enchant both of you and will remove the thirst of your hairy friend.

3. A shampoo in spray. This does not need interaction with water, this will prevent your pet suffer with the bathroom and always be clean.

4. Thundershirt. This garment is designed of a material that fits the body of the dog in strategic areas; are points that help reduce anxiety and nerves of it.

5. Dental candies. They help eliminate plaque and tartar.

6. Times together. He will be the happiest, and this will have more value than everything your money allows you to buy.

Remember, your dog not only needs gifts but also medical care. He depends on you, do not neglect him!

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